Which country would you want to live in, India or China?


1)Food- Do I even need to explain it. India is absolute food heaven. Food dishes changes atleast in every city like dishes in Mumbai are absolutely different than dishes in Delhi.
1)食物-我还需要解释一 下吗?印度绝对是美食天堂。至少每个城市的菜式都有变化,比如孟买的菜式和德里的菜式完全不同。

2)Tea- wellI had to make a separate entry for tea( i might be a little biased here)  because its an absolute delight to wake up to


3)Spirituality- India has been the spiritual centre of the world for centuries andanyone saying otherwise is either stupid, biased, or not knowledgeable enough.

4)Festivals- I don’t think any country celebrates festivals like Indians, we celebrates festivals from all the cultures and religions.


5)cost of living- This one is for all the people who are just comparing two countries based on how much they are earning with out considering the ppp and a number of other factors. I would like to bring to your notice that India is pretty cheap compared to most of the countries. In 100 rupeess (1.34 dollars) you can have a pretty decent meal for a day.

Originally Answered: Would you rather move to China or to India? Why? China. Without a doubt. We already know that both countries are developing countries , which currently speeding up their economic progress, supported by inventions and modernization.
提出这个问题的人可能不读报纸。醒醒吧!中国已经和美国- -样是超级大国了,只是他们在真正重要的领域,也就是经济领域。


China. Without a doubt. We already know that both countries are developing countries , which currently speeding up their economic progress, supported by inventions and modernization.

But in this case , China is a better option. People of China are considerably more well-educated than India. Plus, I highly believe that most of them are open minded. And the way they think about religion will make me blend well into the community.


Considering the rapidly growing population of India, I’ m not really sure if I could get a job or a place to live there. I will also be worried about the high crime rate and street accident in India. Not to mention in the last decade, India’ S economic growth has slowed down.Maybe the only advantage that I will get if I move to India is that most of them speak English, so I will not bother to study Mandarin.

Originally Answered: As an average citizen, is India or China a better country to live in? If I were a female either from China or India, I must select China. China is one of the best countries where females have the highest position in society. They can work outside, and compete with males in most of the organizations. Also, many of them have absolute rights inside families. Chinese people accept females have equal rights as same as males. In most area, even in rural area, girls are educated in schools as same as boys.


If I am a professional religious person, I think India is a better place because it is much tolerated.

China because Chaina is the fastest growing technology company and the economy in the world in 2035 China’s military is Powerful than United States

I believe India offers a more peaceful living, while China offers a more comfortable living. So people have to choose what they prefer.


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