Are you afraid if China is becoming most powerful country in the world

Not at all.
China has a business culture and wars are bad for commerce with the exception of
weapons builders.


The US has been at war almost non-stop since the end of WW2.When the USSR imploded and the US became the sole superpower it failed. It failed to usher in a time of world peace and liberal governance. Instead it became
arrogant and self-serving.


The US maintained supporting 30+ dictators who were of use to the US, until they were no longer useful, then its " regime change" . Supporting People like Saddam Hussein, Pinochet, Gaddafi, Shah of Iran, Marcos, etc I am more concerned as to what the US is willing to do to prevent China' s and India' s rise.


The US maintained supporting 30+ dictators who were of use to the US, until they were no longer useful, then its "regime change" . Supporting People like Saddam  Hussein, Pinochet, Gaddafi, Shah of Iran, Marcos, etc。I am more concerned as to what the US is willing to do to prevent China' S and India' s rise.

Not at all.
China is a peaceful nation that doesn' t seek out conflict but it' s rapid rise has scared a lot of Western nations and their reaction has been to try and slow or shut down China.

Given the multitude of conflicts perpetrated by those same Western nations since the end of WW 2 I can honeslty say I' m actually looking forward to a world where China has far more influence than it does today.

No, the Chinese care about business and developing markets for their products. It will be a refreshing change from American hegemony. China does not wish to control the world like the failed American democracy does.

If you compare the US, China, and Russia. You can clearly see that China is the most peaceful nation of the three.

why ? I think the Chinese know restraint if you don't offend them and thats better than any race in the world but if you do then never expect to get away there is no such thing

Nope. Most don' t. There are concerns, but not because many are afraid of a rising China, but more worried about the increasing friction between descending and ascending powers that will cause a lot of tension and uncertainty for the rest of the world.

No. I have less to fear about China being the dominant world power than the United States being the dominant world power. China minds its own business. China doesn' t interfere in other countries’ domestic affairs.

China has never invaded Western lands. Not in over 2,500 years. The United States clearly has. So have Great Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey (Ottomans), and Rome.

China certainly had the military capability. In the 15th century, Admiral Zheng He led the largest fleet in the world at the time (with over 200 vessels). Some 62 of those vessels were gargantuan wooden ships many times larger than Christopher Columbus' ships!

Zheng He' S voyages took him to the East coast of Africa. While he had a large contingent of soldiers, his mission was purely diplomatic. But had China wanted to, China could' ve conquered many lands.China is the most benevolent world power in human history.



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