When India reaches the same level as China, would the
US treat it like how they're treating China today?

Of Course
The United States is the worlds biggest bully. They want to control every single aspect of everyones way of life. Anyone who grows strong without their help is a threat as they can inspire other countries that it is possible to grow without the United States.


They want Emasculated Lackeys. Countries who dont have a backbone and who tow the US line, who accept US Air Bases and depend entirely on the US for their defence needs. Such Countries can grow, prosper and develop but eventually they cannot grow too big because if they do - the US will interfere once again.
他们要的是去势的仆人。那些没有脊梁骨的国家, 那些站在美国一边的国家,那些接受美国的空军基地,完全依赖美国来满足他们的国防需求的国家。这些国家可以增长、繁荣和发展,但最终它们不能发展得太大,因为如果它们发展得太大,美国将再次进行干预。


Iraq has too much oil and and is not a lackey. There is a stubborn streak so the US decide to make up stories of Weapons of Mass Destruction and invade Iraq, cause anarchy, destroy any semblance of a decent society, create an organization called the ISIS built purely on hatred and convert Iraq into a disaster zone. All because Saddam would not kowtow to USA.

It will be dependent upon the ambitions and the behavior of the govt at that time.But I don't think so there will be ashowdown between India and america。


Primarily because it is not the expansionist or human right violations which irks USA, it is the ambition to challenge world power america, which is a bone of contention now between USA & China。
主要是因为激怒美国的不是扩张主义或侵犯人权,而是挑战世界强国美国的野心, 这是美国和中国现在争论的焦点。
Surely will. Look at what happened to Japan in the 80s. But there' S good news that might be possible. When India reaches the same level as China, say No.2 in the world. The US is not No.1 anymore. Let' s make Asia great again! 😛


Basically India will never behave like China, even after it becomes rich and powerful.Hence, USA will not have any threat from India.So, there is no reason for USA to behave oddly against India.

However, you are missing a crucial point.All powerful nations try to harass the poor and weak nations.India was poor in the 1970s and still, USA treated India like an enemy in 1971.


Even today, USA creates hurdles against India in the name of Human Rights,Religious Freedom, IPRs, and keeps inventing ways and means to create artificial trade barriers.

So, we can not say how the USA will behave with us in future.However, one thing is sure that India will never behave like China or the USA.


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