Why does China always try to be the superpower?


China had created a functioning nation state encompassing over 9,000 square kilometers and 20% of the entire human population on the planet while most Europeans were still knapping flint.

As far as the Chinese are concerned, after a brief 200 year hiatus, this is just the return to a 4,000 year norm.
就中国人而言,在短暂的200年中断之后, 这只是回到了4000年的常态。

She doesn' t. That' S not her goal. China' s one and only goal is to grow her economy as large as possible for the betterment of her people.
她没有。这不是她的目标。中国唯- -的目标是发展尽可能大的经济,以改善人民的生活。


Surpassing the United States is simply the natural consequence of growth, a side effect. Within the next 20-30 years, China will:
●become the most powerful nation economically
●become the world' S technological leader
●have a world-class military。If this confers on China superpower qualities, then so be it.

Strength. China' S internal goals involve the eradication of poverty within their borders, and giving everyone strong living standards.

Doing that for 1.4 billion people is not easy. Given the timeline they have given themselves, they need to become the worlds leading super power to achieve their own goal. There' S no real alternative option.
为14亿人做到这一点并不容易。考虑到他们给自己设定的时间表, 他们需要成为世界领先的超级大国,以实现自己的目标。没有真正的替代选择。


The person who wrote this question probably does not read newspapers. Wake up! China already IS a superpower, along with the US, only they are in the area that really matters, which is the economical one.

Who cares how many carriers, planes, guns or army base the USA has: that does not define superpower. That' s something the USA didn' t learn. They let their factories be taken away, leaving millions of unemployed people... that buy Chinese articles.


See my logic. Think about it. Ah, military menace is no longer a factor if the other side has atomic weapo

Why does China want to become the world's superpower? Most likely the same reason why America is trying so hard to prevent China from
becoming one… So that... as a superpower, they don't have to take shit from anyone...

China never seeks to be a superpower.But because of the size of China and the advantage of Chinese people in mind, itwill inevitably become the strongest country in the world.


"Superpower" is the term that the west created calling them to play up the fear among the international community. They are just a nation of 1.4billion people wanting to make themselves better after the suffered too much by Japan invasion and many wars bullied by other nations.

When I has to grow as a adult, you want to stop me? Wired that you believe USA as a superpower is a better option of the world.
Iraq war? Color revolution? Syria War? BLM? Do you see any factual harm like these has China do to the world?



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