Why do Koreans like plastic surgery?


1 - 美版知乎上有这样一个提问:为什么韩国人喜欢整容?


1 - 美版知乎上有这样一个提问:为什么韩国人喜欢整容?



This lie is a lie created by inferiority complex in other countries with uneven, ugly faces.  In fact, foreigners who have lived in Korea for a long time  know that it's a lie.



We do surgery to remove spots on the back of the face or warts on the body  for beauty.
Unlike countries where medical conditions are bad, these procedures are cheap and safe in Korea, so if you have skin problems, you go to a dermatologist and get treatment right away.


1 - 美版知乎上有这样一个提问:为什么韩国人喜欢整容?


For example, the Koreans prefer big eyes and sharp nose which are features  that  many Koreans do not have. If white people' S standard of beauty include small
eyes and flat nose, then that standard would be considered high to white people,  simply because many white people do not have those features.


Koreans live in a very competitive society and they keep striving for  extremes  instead of learning the art of moderation. That has taken a toll on  them when it comes to the pressure of looking good till they have to succumb
to plastic surgery.
Even when applying for jobs, they are discriminated by  their looks, so it almost  becomes a necessity to have plastic surgery in order  to have a normal life if you  don' t look good in Korea.


1 - 美版知乎上有这样一个提问:为什么韩国人喜欢整容?


●It can help you succeed - If you want to be competitive in a lot of job  fields, you have to be attractive. Job applications require a headshot, so  you  can get flat-out rejected for not being pretty or handsome enough.
Getting plastic surgery to fix perceived 'flaws' can give you a  competitive edge in  the job market.

它可以帮助你成功如果你想在很多工作领域有竞争力,你必须有吸引力。求职申请需要一张大头照, 所以你可能会因为不够漂亮或英俊而被拒绝。


●The standard of beauty is extremely high - Seriously.... havey' all seenKorean celebrities? In order to even be viewed as attractive, you have to be  ridiculously good looking, and most people can' t achieve those looks


●There isn' t as much of a stigma - Celebrities often deny having surgery,but an average Korean won' t be viewed negatively for having a  procedure, as  long as the results are good.



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