Facts about Aghori Sadhus always fascinated me, here are 10 weird facts about them:

印度的AghoriSadhus(印度苦行者)僧侣,跟其他僧侣有什么不一样? 关于印度苦行僧的十个让人震惊的事实

1) Legitimate Cannibalism


In spite of Varanasi being a densely populated city, Cannibalism is openly practiced by the Aghoras in Varanasi without any public upheaval as they usually do not kill humans for their needs, but only consume corpses from cremating grounds. Corpses are eaten raw and at times they are roasted over an open flame. After eating a certain quantity of flesh, they start meditating sitting atop a corpse which is continued all night.

1 - 印度的AghoriSadhus(印度苦行者)僧侣,跟其他僧侣有什么不一样?


2)They eat and drink through a human skull


The possession of a human skull or ‘kapal’ is, in fact, a true sign of an Aghora. They’re meant to obtain that from the floating corpses of holy men who’ve been laid to rest in the waters. After which they will use it either as a drinking vessel for liquor, a dish for food or as a begging bowl.

1 - 印度的AghoriSadhus(印度苦行者)僧侣,跟其他僧侣有什么不一样?


3)They practice Necrophilia


As per the Aghoris, when the goddess Kali demands satisfaction in sex, they then have to find an appropriate corpse and have sexual intercourse with it. In his interview with Davor Rostuhar, Meronath says “The reason why we do things that seem outrageous to the outside world is actually simple. To find purity in the filthiest! If an Aghori manages to remain focused on God even during sex with a corpse or while eating a human brain, then he is on the right way.”

1 - 印度的AghoriSadhus(印度苦行者)僧侣,跟其他僧侣有什么不一样?

按照阿戈里斯的说法,当女神卡利要求性满足时,他们就必须找到合适的尸体并与之性交。梅罗纳思在接受达沃·罗斯图哈尔的采访时说,“我们做那些在外界看来很离谱的事情的原因其实很简单。在最肮脏的地方寻找纯洁! 如果阿霍里人在与尸体性交或吃人脑的时候仍能专注于上帝,那么他就走上了正确的道路。”

4)They eat garbage, leftover food


If you actually know little about sadhus, you might know one thing – abstinence of meat, alcohol, and sex. But Aghoris think otherwise. They believe that it is Goddess Kali who actually demands satisfaction through meat, alcohol, and sex. To eat meat actually means to eat everything. They do not discriminate. They eat the leftover food, from garbage or at times even feces. By eating anything, Aghoris try to gain awareness of the oneness of everything and eliminate discrimination. Therefore they consume feces, human fluids, and human flesh.

1 - 印度的AghoriSadhus(印度苦行者)僧侣,跟其他僧侣有什么不一样?

如果你真的对萨胡斯知之甚少,你可能知道一件事——禁食、戒酒和性。但阿戈里斯却不这么认为。他们相信是女神卡利通过吃肉、喝酒和性来要求满足。吃肉其实就是什么都吃。他们不歧视。 他们吃剩下的食物,从垃圾或有时甚至粪便。通过吃任何东西,阿格霍里斯试图获得对万物一体性的认识,消除歧视。因此它们消耗粪便、体液和人肉。

5)They are worshippers of Shiva


Aghoris worship Shiva – the destroyer, or its female manifestation: Kali, the goddess of death. According to what Aghori Meronath from Varanasi told photographer and writer Davor Rostuhar, “Each deity in Hinduism is just one manifestation of the same God. Different orders worship different deities, thus satisfying all manifestations of God. But what Shiva and Kali demand from their followers are not acceptable to most people. Thus Aghoris are the only ones willing to please them. ”

1 - 印度的AghoriSadhus(印度苦行者)僧侣,跟其他僧侣有什么不一样?

阿戈里斯崇拜湿婆-毁灭者,或其女性表现形式:卡利,死亡女神。根据瓦拉纳西的Aghori Meronath告诉摄影师和作家Davor Rostuhar的话,“印度教中的每一个神只是同一个神的一种表现。不同的神职人员崇拜不同的神,从而满足神的所有表现。 但是湿婆和卡利对他们的追随者的要求是大多数人无法接受的。 因此,只有阿戈里斯愿意取悦他们。”

6)They believe in black magic


Aghoris have another very specific and highly secretive ritual for sexual intercourse. The ritual explains that sex in the midst of the dead can give rise to supernatural powers. In the dead of the night, in a graveyard, amidst the strewn ashes of the cremated, the Aghori clans unite to perform this ritual. The women involved in this act are smeared with the ashes of a departed, and the consummation is carried out along the beats of drums and recitation of mantras. Also, did we mention that it’s imperative for the women to be menstruating while the act is going on! They make sure that women aren’t forced to have intercourse with them. They should be willing, and it would be consensual.

1 - 印度的AghoriSadhus(印度苦行者)僧侣,跟其他僧侣有什么不一样?

阿格荷利人还有另一种非常特殊和高度保密的性交仪式。这个仪式解释说,在死者中间做爱可以产生超自然的力量。在夜深人静的时候,在一个墓地里,在散落的火化骨灰中,阿格霍里部落联合起来,进行这个仪式。 参与这一行动的妇女被抹上逝者的骨灰,而圆满是沿着鼓声和念咒的节奏进行的。还有,我们有没有提到,在这一行为进行的时候,女性必须要来月经! 他们确保女性不会被迫与她们发生性关系。他们应该愿意,而且是自愿的。

7)They do not hold hate in their heart


They believe that one who hates cannot meditate. Sharing food with dogs and cows does not sound repulsive to them, rather it is how they eat their meals – alongside the animals which frequent cremation grounds, out of the same bowl. It is their belief that if they were to start worrying about insignificant things like animals dirtying their food, they would not be able to focus on their higher aims of meditating and becoming one with Lord Shiva.

1 - 印度的AghoriSadhus(印度苦行者)僧侣,跟其他僧侣有什么不一样?

他们相信憎恨的人不能冥想。 与狗和牛分享食物对他们来说并不是令人厌恶的,而是他们吃东西的方式——与经常在火葬场的动物一起,从同一个碗里吃。他们相信,如果他们开始担心一些无关紧要的事情,比如动物弄脏了他们的食物,他们就不能专注于冥想和与湿婆神合一的更高目标。

8)They mediate in the cremation ground


They hope to gain magical powers to simply cure and heal by breaking the rules between pure and impure, clean and the unclean and holy and unholy. At night when everyone’s fast asleep, they look to meditate in peace at the cremation grounds.

1 - 印度的AghoriSadhus(印度苦行者)僧侣,跟其他僧侣有什么不一样?


9)They are usually naked


They move about in the city with nothing more on their bodies except a skimpy jute loincloth and at times, nude. Being nude, in their terms is complete renunciation from the material world and its attachments. Most often, they smear their bodies with ash from human cremated remains to cover their nakedness. Talking about accessories, Human skulls are worn as jewelry around their necks.

1 - 印度的AghoriSadhus(印度苦行者)僧侣,跟其他僧侣有什么不一样?


10)They usually consume Marijuana


No Aghora would ever abstain himself from smoking Marijuana because they believe it is marijuana that helps them concentrate on religious mantras and the strenuous yogic practices they perform by routine. In spite of being under the effect of marijuana all the time, they appear very sober and calm.

1 - 印度的AghoriSadhus(印度苦行者)僧侣,跟其他僧侣有什么不一样?



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