Which country is hard to conquer today?

Russia- Napoleon and Hitler failed, brutal winters, lots of land in Siberia that is relatively useless.Afghanistan- Pretty much everyone who has tried failed, the terrain and local population are not welcoming to invaders.

United States- two very large oceans and large nations that are equally difficult to conquer protect it on all sides. Militarily it would be impossible to conquer without help from many other nations. China- very large, lots of different climates, and rugged terrain in some parts. They also have a military that would make things very difficult
美国——两个非常 大的海洋和同样难以征服的大国在各个方面保护它。如果没有其他国家的帮助,在军事.上是不可能征服的。中国——非常大,有很多不同的气候,有些地方地势崎岖。他们还有一支军队,这让事情变得非常困难。

Australia- would have to cross a lot of ocean just to get there, and continue to make the trek to resupply. Once you' re there you' II find out that everything there is really good at killing foreigners who don' t know what animals do what.
澳大利亚——要到达 那里就得穿越大片海洋,并继续进行艰苦的补给。一旦你到了那里,你就会发现那里有很多很擅长杀死外国人,但不知道叫什么的动物。

UK- island nation that would require naval superiority for an invasion to be successful. I have a feeling that they would be exceedingly stubborn against anyone trying to conquer them.

I' d say the United States would be the hardest. Followed closely by Russia and China.

canada, russia, united states, china. always had been united states and russia, that is why they were the sole superpowers

this only applied to invasion by land. we dont have to invade countries today because the power of ICBMs nukes could cause serious damage.

China, Russia, and the United States of America are probably all completely impossible to conquer. I think that this makes it a three way tie.

The problem with attacking Russia is its size, and its winters. They can just retreat inwardly until the invader' S supply lines fail. China has a huge army that is very professional. The US has very advanced technology and an enormous military, but mostly benefits from a geographic location. No one other than Canada or Mexico could get even remotely close. All of China, Russia, and the USA have enough nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them which would mean that any serious attacker could expect to have their country eliminated from the face of the earth before they had time to win.

There are many, many other countries that would be much more difficult to conquer than they would be worth. Certainly many countries that have tried to conquer Afghanistan have learned to regret the attempt.



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