What will happen if there is no China to counterbalance
the US in this world? Will the world be a more peaceful
place to live in?


We are lucky to have China. Who, in their right mind wants a world dominated by the USA for much longer? It would be better for world peace and civilisation for the USA to not exist!

In their movie America always act like a Hero but in real life America is the real villain. I mean how many countries they have destroyed compare to China.if anything China is needed to balance the power and fight the villain.

Not only China, but EU, Russia and ASEAN have an alternative view and stand verses US. Multipolar world is here whether US accept it or not. US nor China should ever be given a role of single nation Superpower status ever.


Russia under Putin is doing a wonderful job in antagonizing the US and Europe already.

What will happen if there is no China to counterbalance the US in this world? Will the world be a more peaceful place to live in? Russia remains the USA' s military nemesis, not the PRC (China). The PRC is just a potential threat. Economically, China is a serious threat to the USA' s past
dominance in international trade. The PRC have frustrated the USA military by blocking the USA' S ability to blockade PRC trade as the USA did to Japan in the 1980s when Japan was pegged to overtake the USA economically.


First of all, the US will always have scapegoats to blame for its problems, though most of which is caused by the greed and asininity of the rich and their puppets in the White House and the Hill.

The situation "without China”is basically the 90' s and early 2000' s. The US waged wars after wars, caused insurgence after insurgence, only to have its military-industrial complex lay destruction all over the globe. The US fucked up the global economy time after time, only to have the wealth more concentrated to certain last names than ever, while the vast majority, Americans included, suffered and struggled. More peaceful? Well I guess if you kill them all, the war will end...


The US wasted 2 whole decades being the single unchallengeable superpower, and made itself the populism infested, racially and ideologically divided, overwhelmingly unhealthy and indebted mess that it is, and now blames all on China.
美国浪费了整整20年的时间成为一个不可挑战的超级大国,把自己变成了民粹主义泛滥、种族和意识形态分裂、压倒性的不健康和债务缠身的烂摊子,现在又把- -切都归咎于中国。




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