When China becomes the number 1 superpower, how will they treat the USA?


China has a policy of non interference. China will not bother other countries unless they are provoked.They are just interested in minding their own business and protecting their country.

China did not engage in any wars for the past 40 years proved my point. During the same period, the US invaded Afghanistan, Iraq, and now provoking Iran. In addition, the US subverted Venezuela, Libya and many other countries.They will leave the US alone as business partners.


No difference, only difference I see is that US might need to use RMB to pay for goods from China.

The same way we treat them

China is #1, and the answer is ignore the USA as it's not important to China.

What a silly question 。Then china woke up and realised it needed the world more than the world needs china....


China will not become the "number 1 superpower" . The United States has far greater military power than China does and continues to spend vastly more on the military than China does. The United States has the largest and in the form of the US Navy, second largest air forces in the world. The United States has 6 times as many carriers as China does and has more than 20 times as many nuclear weapons.

China doesn' t want to become the number 1 superpower, only the number 1 economic power. There' S a difference. USA wanted/wants to be both.


When China becomes the number 1 economic power, it will seek relationships not
conquest because peaceful coexistence provides the better basis for trade. China is
not Commodore Perry. (If you don' t know what that means, look it up to better
understand the historical underpinning of US trade policy.)

Not sure how they will treat the US, but I fear for the UK. When talking to colleagues from Beiing they have a massive chip on their shoulder over what happened in the 19th Century. They seemed genuinely surprised I did not know the details on the various battles fought, or my flippant attitude "I assume we won" .


China is about business. As a growing power or a superpower China will do what is best for peaceful, mutually beneficial business. Using force to get what they want is not good for business. That does not mean China will not defend what belongs to China or is necessary for Chinese peaceful trade.

trade, business, build up good connections, let everyone does their own part, do whatever everyone does best, to make contributions.Unlike the USA, China knows all humans are connected together, including the US people.




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