Is Vietnam just 10 years behind China? What do I always hear about this from Vietnamese youths, recently?


As a Vietnamese person, let me tell you the truth from a Vietnamese perspective. Vietnam is inferior to China in nearly all areas. Don't look at the limited data of GDP and GDP per capita; look broadly at all aspects.
作为一个越南人,让我从越南人的角度告诉你真相。 越南几乎在所有领域都不如中国。不要看GDP和人均GDP的有限数据;在所有方面都是如此。

Education: Vietnam does not have any University of the top 1000 in the world, while China has 2 universities in the top 50 in the world. Beijing and Tsinghua University. The distance is too big.


Transportation and infrastructure: Vietnam does not have any subway or high speed train. 2 metro lines, in Hanoi, built by China, in Ho Chi Minh City built by Japan. China has built the world's largest bullet-train network cand has 9 of the 20 largest seaports in the world.

The quality of Chinese roads is so good, I think maybe comparable to the United States, while roads in Vietnam are quite bad. After several years, the roads have been damaged, mainly due by corrupt officials and abating materials.


Industry and technology: Vietnam is bad, very, very bad. In manufacturing industries, almost all machinery components are imported, Vietnam does not produce anything at all. If Vietnam can produce, it will not compete well with products from China and Taiwan.

Military: While China is the third largest exporter of weapons in the world and sells weapons to 60 countries, Vietnam's arms manufacturing industry is virtually anonymous; many Vietnamese know nothing about Vietnam's arms manufacturing industry.


Vietnam's metallurgical industry is very bad; Vietnam is unable to produce safe and durable alloys for military and aviation. Don't believe it? Come to Vietnam and ask Vietnamese people who are working in the metallurgical industry if you want to know this harsh truth.

Work ethic: I see that the work ethic of Chinese workers is better; Vietnamese people have a lack of discipline, low productivity, and lack of solidarity.


Computer, smartphone, semiconductor: Vietnam has almost nothing and can produce almost nothing by itself. Without Samsung investment, I bet the Vietnamese economy would be much worse.
电脑、智能手机、半导体:越南几乎什么都没有, 自己也几乎不能生产任何东西。如果没有三星的投资,我敢打赌越南经济会糟糕得多。

10 years? Too optimistic. I think depending on the field, Vietnam is more behind China by 10 to 50 years, maybe even 100 years.

100 years, what is that? I would like to say that is China's space industry. Vietnam ’s space industry in 50 years will not be equal to China' S currently.



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