Which country helps the USA the most?

From what i have heard, China and America are competitors? Well both equally great, both equally developed, both equally liked...they are probably competitors. But why would China, being a compatitor, help America the most?

Here goes...
Help is not only limited withing money, loans and donations. If your action bringsdevelopment, help is what you have done.

China has rivaled America for quite some time as i have learnt, may be it in manufacturing, developing, education or arts, any and every sector, which gives America the hope for being Better than China, and it happens the same the other way.
据我所知,中国已经和美国竞争了很长- -段时间,可能是在制造业、发展、教育或艺术等任何领域,这给了美国比中国更好的希望,反之亦然。

These two countries have rivaled each other, and have helped each other indirectly
as their rivalry results to development in hope for exceeding the other country


The funniest and most ironic answer is actually China. Without China, the United States (which is who I assume you mean by " America" ) would have a much weaker economy and much weaker reason to exist right now on a global playing field.

The UK is a strong ally because it' s the only world power that' S close to them that can provide assistance should they need it. But ultimately, the biggest ally is the one who causes your country to stay strong, and for the USA, that is undoubtedly China.

I would say....
1. Israel一They provide intelligence on America's enemies in the region.
2. South Korea一It provides the US with a military base in Asia.
3. Saudi Arabia一If you think the Saudi government is evil, then you really don't understand the region. The Saudi Goverment is 'the American' in
the region and the one neutralizing society and fighting America'senemies.
1.以色列——他们提供美国在该地区 的敌人的情报。
3. 沙特阿拉伯——如果你认为他们是邪恶的,那你就真的不了解这个地区。他们是该地区的“美国人”,是中和社会和打击美国敌人的人。

The UK 'helps' America the most in their military campaigns but that's only because the UK wants 'big brother' America to help defend it if and when necessary.


In terms of other help, America doesn't need any other sort of help as they are pretty self sufficient, except in oil production. Without oil the American economy and military will not run, so the greatest of all help comes from the Arab states that sell it oil.

in terms of values, it is mainly India which matches.India is of great help to US if US understands the Delhi won' t be ok with the word“ally" because ally in US means following white house diktats with plenty of discipline.We aren' t UK, Germany, Japan, Australia & canada.

I was going to say the UK and the rest of the Five Eyes, but I understand why someone would think China and Japan. That' s kind of a trick answer.



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