What would be the best strategy for the USA to prevent
China's rise?

Stop buying cheap crap made in China. This is nigh on impossible at the moment as pretty much everything in your home will have been made in China.

So the US would have to return to manufacturing the bulk of their domestic stuff themselves. Nay, the world would need to do so.

The West's problem is that we have become largely post-industrial. We make little of what we use as it can be cheaply made in China. To reverse this would require a change of mindset on a multinational level and a return to manufacturing in the West. This would take decades to reestablish, by which time China will have overtaken the US.


"Prevent China' s rise?”Sabotaging other countries is immoral & stupid and would be guaranteed to earn a us very bad name. And - if we kick people when they are small, we' d better be prepared to run when they' re big. My advice? Don’t do it. Don' t even try. Not in my name and not in America’ s name.

Allow more talented workers into the US.This would increase US GDO and economic growth.Join the TPP this would address many of the issues that the US find most objectionable.

They don' t have to prevent it, they should just invest more in india, australia, and in CYBER- PROTECTION
他们不需要阻止它, 他们应该在印度、澳大利亚和网络保护方面加大投资。


Stop Americans from buying all their cheap made crap. Then they won't have any money to buy anything with.

The US already helped China' s economic global rise. First by helping its accession into the WTO in 2001.

By upping our game...

The best strategy is to be friendly with China, if you can' t beat them, join them.

Why care? Let China become it cause America has already been there before. Focus on America and rebuild. China competes by selling the same product but at lower price with less quality. Make stuff in the USA, prices will be higher but quality will be better, lead times will be shorter and problems will be solved. Sell the strengths and stop outsourcing everything somewhere else.
为什么要在意呢? 让中国成为它,因为美国以前就已经去过那里了。专注于美国和重建,中国通过销售同样的产品,但价格更低来竞争。



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