What surprised you most when you first came to China,
as a foreigner?


Disclaimer: All the comparisons are done with Indian life as benchmark Oh that' S plenty..where do i begin with? let' S see.

●There are no cops on major roads of the cities in China,yet traffic stops at red light. This may sound absurd, but this is not the norm in India.
●Fitness level of people. I don' t remember finding any obese person in
China. I visited three cities: Beijing, Shanghai & Harbin. None were obese .

人们的健康水平。我不记得在中国发现过肥胖的人。我参观了三个城市:北京、上海和哈尔滨。 没有人肥胖。

●Participation of women in the economy: in all the three cities we had women tour guides who stayed with uS from morning 7:00 am till night
10:30. Pretty difficult to expect that in India.

●Toilets: this one is quite weird. while traditional chinese go the indian way,what was quite shocking was to find that public toilets have indian seats,with no partition in between!!. no privacy whatsoever. ofcourse you will not find water as well. and quite possibly toilet roll too would be absent. Certainly not the best country to do your business.

●Infrastructure: everything out there..be it roads, monuments, factories, its just huge. More importantly it is working. While we are debating the
need for bullet trains, china is using them like crazy. We struggle to getmobile network at stationary places, i was talking trouble-free with my
sister in India during a train ride with this train speed...

●Friendliness of people: Indians are treated the same way indians generally treat white skinned people..with awe. they were quite willing to have pics with us, help us & what not.This China Vs india rhetoric is not known to people

●2nd copies aka fakes. very difficult to differentiate from the originals.China has dedicated malls which deal in them



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