How will the countries of the world respond to China
becoming a superpower?

It really depends on where you are in the world. For Latin America the change is probably for the better, we have a huge consumer of raw products and at the same time investing billions of dollars in infrastructure in order to keep the flow running smoothly to China. Without the heavy political interference that USA does.

Africans see that more in a positive way than negative. Comparing to Europeans and Americans, China is much less harmful.


Europeans as America’s closest allies and sharing the same world order view are a little bit concerned about Chinese rise and taking their place in the world stage.

Europe & USA are the symbol of the western domination of the world, China is challenging that. They are a revisionist power and the west is not amused.


The economic power is shifting from West to East exactly how it was for most part of history. To make even worst to USA, China is the partner that is giving stability to the USA old enemy: Russia. Russia will play a important role in a few years. I will be back there.

But from American view, China is not the only problem. Any country or area rising in economic power is considered a threat to their country. They are psychotics, neurotics about world power. Even if Europe, their old allies, decided to leave the atlanticism policy and adopt an Europecism policy they will treat them as a threat.
但从美国的角度来看,中国并不是唯- -的问题。 任何经济实力_上升的国家或地区都被认为是对其国家的威胁。他们对世界强权有些神经质。即使它们的老盟友欧洲决定放弃大西洋主义政策,采取欧洲主义政策,它们也会把它们视为威胁。


European countries are considering to create a European force, thinking about spending more in military technology and develop more advanced weapons. Only this idea is already irritating US government. So you can understand how the Americans like to control everything in the world.

In Asia is a little bit different, all depends if you are a good or bad partner of China. If some country has issues with China, of course they are not very happy and they will seek for American protection. If you are good partner, you would be more than happy with possibility to thrive along your friend. So it depends on which country.
在亚洲就有点不同了,这完全取决于你是中国的好伙伴还是坏伙伴。如果- -些国家与中国有问题,他们当然不会很高兴,他们会寻求美国的保护。如果你是一个好伙伴你会很高兴与你的朋友一起茁壮成长。所以这取决于是哪个国家。


Anyway I think is a good thing for the whole world to have more centers of power, because we have seen in the last 20 years what happens when we have a single super power doing whatever they please. At least in Syria there is one country saying that enough is enough: Russia.
不管怎样,我认为全世界拥有更多的权力中心是件好事, 因为在过去的20年里,我们看到了当一个超级大国为所欲为时会发生什么。至少在叙利亚,有一个国家说“受够了”,那就是俄罗斯。

The part where I mentioned about the important role Russia can play? When the USA and Europea realize that China with Russia are too powerful to defeat, then they will try to bring Russia to their side of influence. An Alliance between USA, Europe and Russia is something that, at least in war, the rest of the world can’t even think about how to defeat.

Others will be shocked others will be gleeful and others will be pissed that China is taking the place of the USA for number one economy but really can’t we all be friends?
有些人会感到震惊,有些人会感到高兴,有些人会对中国取代美国成为世界第一经济体感到愤怒, 但我们真的不能都成为朋友吗?



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