If the UN Security Council were newly formed today, who would you choose as the five permanent members?


Some of the factors that I would take in consideration would be- military strength, economy, population, impact it has on others etc. So my pick would be:-
我要考虑的一些因素包括: 军事实力、经济、人口、对他人的影响等等。所以我的选择是-

USA- no explanation needed.Russia- Second most powerful military, largest country, developed country and has a great impact on others.
China- Economic powerhouse, military might, world' S largest population and huge landmass.
美国-不需要解释。 俄罗斯-世界第二大军事强国,世界上最大的国家,发达的国家,对其他国家有很大的影响。中国经济强国,军事强国,人口世界第一,陆地面积巨大。


India- One of the fastest growing economies. Military might. A true diverse nation with second largest population and is set to become the most
populous nation in the world surpassing China. Became 4th nation to reach mars and that too in first attempt. Germany - 4th largest economy. Military strength. Developed country.

The world is now heading to a civilizational war (The West /Islam /Hinduism/Confucianism /Africanism) and therefore there should be nations to represent each of the civilisations. I would pick :


European Union to represent the west because it's more democratic and reliable and less blood thirsty than US and Russia Turkey to represent the islamic world because it's economically relatively developed, was the last caliphate (Ottoman empire), has a relatively liberal and democratic government (when compared to Saudi Barbaria for example) and a sizable population of 80 million.

China to represent Confucian/East Asian civilisation because of economic &demographic power. Japan and South Korea are Confucian countries as well butthey are generally aligned with the West so they will be represented by the EU as well.

India to represent Hinduism because of demographic and economic power. South Africa to represent Africanism because it's the most democratic and economically advanced country in Africa.

Canada, South Korea, Uruguay, Botswana, and Malaysia.WHAT?!? No, this isn't a joke answer, and I've considered the candidates carefully.
加拿大、韩国、乌拉圭、博茨瓦纳和马来西亚。什么?!? 不,这不是开玩笑,我已经仔细考虑过候选人?。


The US, China, India, EU and...Brazil? Nigeria? Russia? Turkey? Japan? That is the route most would follow. It is fairly similar to what we've had for 7 decades. And though the UN as a whole is a fairly effective institution, the Security Council, and especially the 5 permanent seats, has been problematic at best. Hostile obstructions at worst.
美国、中国、印度、欧盟和...西?尼日利亚? 俄罗斯?土耳其?日本?这是大多数人会遵循的路线。这与我们70年来的情况非常相似。尽管联合国作为一个整体是一个相当有效的机构,但安理会,尤其是五个常任理事国,一直存在问题。在最坏的情况下会发生故对障碍。

Picking the 5 largest economies on the planet- the US, China, Japan, Germany, and the UK- is a terrible method. The entire Southern Hemisphere is left out.


Picking the 5 most populous countries - China, India, the US, Indonesia, Brazil- is a slightly better distribution. Unless the EU is a bloc, which bumps Brazil. Either way it leaves all of Africa, with 1.3 billion people, unrepresented. And possibly the entire Southern Hemisphere yet again.

So I've gone a different way. Instead of picking the most powerful, I've picked nations that represent and can speak to large regions, but aren't the regional hegemony. Nations that will definitely listen to the regional hegemon, but also listen to and represent the concerns of smaller neighbors. And nations that aren't  easily bullied, or can balance multiple regional powers and speak more reasonably for collective interests.


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