Why isn't China afraid of India?


Originally Answered: Why wasn't China scared of India? China already surpasses India in almost every field of technology,be it
robotics,manufacturing weapons,space(they have a space station of their own).They have one of the largest manufacturing capacities.Plus its huge trade,export.


Then economically China surpasses India by a huge gap,they have a 12 tillion economy or SO.
中国在经济上远远超过印度, 他们有12万亿左右的经济总量。

therefore currently China has no reason to be afraid of India.for India is at least 30 years behind China.

Because India is weak and China is powerful. Strong man' S wife is everybody' S elder sister. Weak man' s wife is everybody’ s dancing girl.


India lacks power - military, economic & political - to be even a nuisance to China. Of this, the most important is political ie. no will of the government to address an issue head-on. China knows that this government will just keep covering up its weakness and rather showcase it as some sort of victory.

So, with his government in chair, China is on very safe grounds. Why should they be afraid?
因此,在他的政府执政的情况下,中国的处境非常安全。 他们为什么要惧怕?

This is because India is weak internally. It is said that a strong democratic country cannot be defeated by anyone. But India is becoming weak democracy. India is losing its image slowly in statistics and data. Don' t go with the news headlines or foreign leaders speech that they stand with India and etc.
这是因为印度内部实力薄弱。 据说一个强大的民主国家是任何人都无法击败的。但印度的民主正在变得越来越弱。在统计和数据上,印度正在慢慢失去自己的形象。不要听新闻头条,也不要听外国领导人说他们站在印度一边等等 。

In international relations, countries work only their interests and benefit and they only use others to complete those interests. India is weak in law and order, India is weak due to corruption, India is weak due to increasing unemployment and poverty, India is weak due to decreasing economy.
在国脉美系中,国家只刃自己的利益而工作, 他們会利用他人来完成込些利益。印度在法律和秩序方面很弱, 印度由于腐敗而很弱,印度由于失业和貧困的増加而很弱,印度由于经济的衰退而很弱。

Unless India removes its internal problems this country never becomes powerful. Militarily countries fear India but militarily cannot be used everywhere. Things are done on economy and diplomacy when you fail on that than you comes on the military. And decreasing air force squadron what you expect from the military also.


So, India needs to bring reforms and expect whole committee recommendations on law and order, corruption, unemployment, etc. Governments made committees and their reports go into the garbage. But it needs to stop now. India is facing environmental issues (Gadgil report on Kerala and the Western Ghats).
所以,印度需要进行改革, 并期待整个委员会在法律和秩序、腐败、失业等方面提出建议。 政府成立了委员会,他们的报告却被扔进垃圾堆。现在必须停止。印J度上面临看环境问题。

Everything depends on the reforms. And on people what they demand from their government, how much they ask questions. Democracy can never be defeated if it is strong.


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