Why does the West overestimate China and underestimate Russia?

USSR was defeated by west not through military struggle, but through economic struggle. Thus the economic power, not military power, is the symbol of the mighty west that will defeat its enemies.


Today China is beating the west in its own game. So naturally the west is more alarmed by this and overestimating China.
今天,中国正在自己的游戏中打败西方。 因此,西方自然对此更加警觉,并高估了中国。


In what context are you talking I was not aware the West had done either.Russia has had its day its China' s time to rise but I don' t see any overestimating here in fact it' s time has come partly because the West let it. That’ s underestimating.
你在说什么,我不知道西方这么做了。 俄罗斯的时代已经过去了,中国也已经崛起了。但我没有看到任何高估的迹象,事实上,中国崛起的时代已经到来,部分原因是西方的放任。这是低估了。

Over estimate and under estimate are perception given by the public world.The country future is depending on how her team of ministers performance and reap the benefits for its citizens. They will not worry as how the others see and judge them as long as the development brings results to its people. That's the ultimate goals!


Based on the amount of attention China and Russia receive in Western media and public politics, the reality is probably the other way around. Western media seem to devote too much attention to Russia relative to Russia' S significance and perhaps not quite enough attention to China.


China is clearly the West' S real rival. China's economy has already outgrown the American economy when measured in purchasing power parity, and it is on track to surpass the U.S. economy in nominal terms. Russia' S position in the world economy is much weaker. Russia possesses substantial military power, but even in that respect it cannot challenge combined NATO forces. No one seriously believes that Russia poses a military threat to the West, let alone an economic threat.
中国显然是西方真正的竞争对手。以购买力平价衡量,中国经济已经超过美国经济,名义经济也有望超过美国经济。 俄罗斯在世界经济中的地位要弱得多。俄罗斯拥有强大的军事力量,任即使在这方面它也无法址战北约联军没有人真的认为俄罗斯会对西方构成军事威胁、更不用说经济威胁了。


Russia is more of a spoiler than a true rival. Maybe that explains the West’ S obsession with Russia in recent years. Russia is strong enough to play the role of a bogeyman, but weak enough to be an easy target and somewhat of a punching bag for Western politicians and media.
俄罗斯与其说是真正的对手,不如说是一个搅局者。 也许这就解释了近年来西方对俄罗斯的痴迷。 俄罗斯很强大,可以扮演一个怪兽的角色,但也很弱, 很容易成为西方政客和媒体的攻击目标,在某种程度上成为他们的出气筒。

On the one hand Russia' S significance is inflated. Russia is presented as determining outcomes of elections, referendums and wars across the world. On the other hand Russia is presented as a poor, backward, authoritarian, oppressive society. In both cases the Western media overstate the reality of Russia’ S domestic and international dynamics. The reality is that China is the rising superpower, whereas Russia is a significant but second-tier power trying to maintain its position in global affairs.





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