Chinese worldwide should unite and not b bullied .stop the anti asians ...i from Malaysia will boycott them too !


1 - 中国人对抵制H&M的看法!老外力挺:任何有自尊心的人都无法接受

me as malaysia chinese will not step in H&M in my whole life!


l'm a Singaporean Chinese,will join any boycott in lockstep-solidarity with our fellow chinese!


The quality of H&M products are garbage, nonetheless. Everyone with a common sense,would boycott a brand with such low standards,


Great idea!
lf they do not love & support China, stop supporting their business.


Just boycott these companies if they have made baseless allegations.Reaction should be met with fury


Neve seen Chineseso angry like this westen mut have gone too a this time,thy keep on crossing the red line ceating fakenews and propagand les aginst china and the Chinesepeope even aslan are cugh in betwee of westerm les epllng poison causing hatred aganst asian people.ym aian wil oycot thsecompanies poducts for instigating hatred aganstcolour people“


l was literally in HRM 5 days ago here in Gulyang.china.And l don't think they got the memo because there was quite a few shoppers.


This fills me with joy.Great to see common folk stand up to them lies and propaganda.


l told my wife about H&Ms slander and she was disappointed about it.Also disappointingly for her it is one of her favorite brands. She will top buyincour apparels from there.


Europe and us saying they care for uyghurs , but first make them unemployed by banning their cotton/income ..who r the west fooling ?


H&M is a business entity and should not get involved in word poltics, but since it is more interested inpolics than business, it is fair that hir imvowvement recives brickbats in returns.
China did the right things in squeezing H8M dry and jettisoned them into the dumps. Bring the trouble makers down by the knees.A tit for a tat


lam Indian too already boycott H&M... me and my family use to go H&.M Twice in month..Now no H&M..

我是印度人.......我也已经抵制H& M
我和我的家人过去每个月去两次H&M....现在没有H& M...

My family and l will NEVER go to H&M store in Thai.


Corporates having businesses in china need to have good lessons on this kind of issues. Il's not the first time and wont be the last.


When the shoemaker tries to tell you how to think... Time to change your shoemaker...


Kick them out,
l will never buy anything from H&M after this




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