Clean literary sentences , I will always be with you, you can confirm to me time and time again
good regret now, clearly I do not want to lose some people, but I can do nothing, so I can only try to excellent myself to meet belong to my own.
I never expect sudden good luck, only willing to pay the effort severing, willing to every serious effort now, there will be a water into the future.
1 - 干净文艺的句子|我会一直陪着你,你可以一次次向我确认
I may not have a high-value appearance, there is no capital to splurge, no one will like me for a long time, but I also want to be a high-quality life.
There may be a lot of short-lived dislike, but don't express it to me, because I always believe in life.
1 - 干净文艺的句子|我会一直陪着你,你可以一次次向我确认
I will always be with you, you can confirm to me time and time again.
Maybe people always like this, from childish to mature, from simplicity to complexity, we have been vulnerable, we will eventually knife and gun.
1 - 干净文艺的句子|我会一直陪着你,你可以一次次向我确认
I want to be a forgotten child, well-behaved and sensible never noisy.
There is a kind of world, he seems to love you very much, but do not cherish you, but do not want to lose you, say love you but do what makes you sad.
1 - 干净文艺的句子|我会一直陪着你,你可以一次次向我确认
Little Ann's Love Hall, always hugging you


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