To those that care, I think it’s torn. In my opinion, it’s to a point where many feel the US Forces aren’t needed. We’ve closed down a few bases since the war. I believe Korea is paying a bit more since the Trump administration. US is an ally and we have fought a few wars together. All relationships should be kindled, military being one of them. I’m only concerned about the Marines. I love the ROK/US Marine relationship.



Jacob Baumgardner

I’ve been following Korean military development, and with the announcement of their first ever (proper) carrier, alongside their first stealth jet, and MBT, I am wholly impressed at South Koreas rise.

Granted, most of this development is being heavily aided by western power, but I don’t see any other nations of similar stature doing anything remotely as impressive.



Joon Lee

I read some news as well, many friends are still in the military and they tell me how advanced the Korean military is becoming.


Michael J Zupon

I have heard from more than one member of the US military with time in Korea that the US is there to keep the South from marching North, rather than the other way around. Pure anecdote, however.


Joon Lee

That’s could be some truth to that. From the top, it could be a a form of control or deterrent.


Alex Hencher

The Americans are a convenient excuse for both sides. Neither government really wants an expensive and destructive war, but no one wants to lose face either.


Joon Lee

That could a part of it. I don’t think the US would want to lose S Korea to China and the north.


Doyoung Choi

What are you talking about? That’s not how we feel. We are not torn at all. South Koreans overwhelmingly support the presence of American troops. Little to no South Koreans find paying the Americans burdensome. We know that we will always be on America’s side and we are happy that Americans are here.


Joon Lee(回复楼上)

I feel that way too and I never said paying money was a burden. News reports say that some oppose the presence of troops and the paying of money. I’ve heard some Koreans I know that don’t want them here anymore too, not bc of hate or anything, but bc of self sufficiency.


Doyoung Choi

According to December 18 2020 Korea Institute for National Unification survey, 90.2% of South Koreans replied that they support the presence of the United States troops in South Korea, regardless of their political affiliations. Those who dislike the US troops currently being stationed in South Korea are less than 1 in 10. I want to make sure that most South Koreans are overwhelmingly in support of ROK-US alliance and opposing views you’ve seen are only a small minority.


Comrade Carlo

Korea is vassal of Usa and why you worship white people so much


Doyoung Choi(回复楼上)

South Korea is not a vassal of the United States and South Koreans do not worship White people. You can say whatever you want if that makes you feel a little better about your own country, but that’s just not true. South Korea won’t join China’s side anyway.


Mason Wong

Based on how fanatical white girls are becoming over kpop bands, I’d say he’s got it the other way around.


Comrade Carlo

I am not Chinese or American or Korean but what I do know is that there are rapes happening by Usa soldiers and plus they controll your foreign policy and also they controll your army


Doyoung Choi

It’s obvious that you are a Chinese. You aren’t good at hiding it. Listen. South Korea won’t join China’s side no matter what. South Korea and the United States are in a highly mutually beneficial relationship that China could never offer. Also, the United States do not control our army and foreign policy. We control our own. You are saying what you wish to be true rather than what’s actually true.


Tom Chen(回复楼上)

He’s not entirely wrong though.

I think there’s a clause in that treaty of yours that say when war breaks out, your army falls under US command. But hey, the good news is you might get your army back in 2022!



Doyoung Choi(回复楼上)

You are both entirely wrong. If a war breaks out on the Korean Peninsula, the command does not fall to the United States, but to the ROK-US Combined Forces Command. Even this only deals with joint ROK-US military operations, not independent ROK operations. This is not Warsaw Pact.

The U.S. side, which has more power in the combined force, takes the position of the head of the combined forces, but the position of commander of the ground force is held by a South Korean Army general. In other words, if a war breaks out on the Korean Peninsula, it would be a war where Korean generals would command American troops.

NATO has a similar system. An U.S. Army general serves as Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), a British Army general as the deputy commander, and a German Army general as the commander of Central Europe.

Additionally, the commander of the Allied Naval Forces is the Commander of the Republic of Korea Naval Operations and the commander of the Air Force is the commander of the 7th Air Force of the United States.





Tom Chen(回复楼上)

Americans would beg to differ.

Why Doesn’t South Korea Have Full Control Over Its Military?

“As things currently stand, South Korea has operational control of its military under armistice conditions, but the United States would take over in wartime. This arrangement is unique to the U.S.-South Korea alliance. It is reflected in the structure of the Combined Forces Command—the alliance’s war-fighting command—which is headed by a U.S. four-star general while a South Korean four-star general serves as deputy commander.”




Comrade Carlo

I come from Europe and I am not Chinese but its true that I have pro-China stance


Jim F Wallace

My Uncle fought in the war, my Dad was there right afterward.

In my opinion Korea has been one of the best allies of the US; committing troops even to our less than wise misadventures. When I was there the people were wonderful (being a white guy in Korea i discivered if i opened a map on a street snd looked puzzled I usually had 2–3 people trying to help…)

I’m just a guy. I’ve never been in the military. But because they’ve had our back I would keep troops there as long as the Koreans want, and try to keep fostering that alliance as much as possible. And when they want us to leave we leave promptly and on good terms.

I feel strongly about this. First because its the honorable thing to do. Second because its pragmatic. The ROK economy and military are both quite strong and it’s good to keep the in our side.





Michael Raymer

I feel the same way about Korea that others feel about Israel.

It has been my feeling that if Korea didn’t have an American military presence, they would be forced to become more like the North. Absolutely no one wants that. Having us there means they can grow a dynamic civilian-based economy. This is in everyone’s best interest.

I was happy to spend my 18 months helping out (In Waegan, outside of Daegu). I would have been happy to spend more time.





as a Korean man who gonna join navy, i can tell you how ordinary Korean think. We still need, and want the US forces. Cause our military system is already been set up to corporate with US army. Aegis and submarines we made is all for that(cooperate with US)

And civilians also think we should cooperate even if they don’t know the all details. Some people said we don’t need to, but it’s all the past. We all know the rising threat. China.

(Not because they’re communists, but because they look economically and politically dangerous)

But some of US marines behave like they are kinda outlaw come on, stop that.





Nor Reza

Oh yeah.

China would really love for the day american military feets would leave the entirety of the Korean peninsula at least in an official capacity.



Ashby Lisbon

Why do south korean military uniform look exactly alike, like carbon copies of US military uniforms?


Joon Lee

I think the joint operation picture asked for it, they are similar but different. The US helped establish our military, so you’ll see many similarities.


Goodi Shang

I heard an incredible thing.

American soldiers who break the law in South Korea will not be punished. But is it really the case?



Matthew Rivers

If North Korea tries to invade, the Chinese won’t dare get involved. The US would be right behind the ROK military. Their military is good enough to pummel the DPRK, even without American military support.


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